Accurate and timely information is key to meeting your goals of higher quality, competitive cost, and compliance with customers' expectations for performance and value.
Information technology—especially data management solutions, enterprise resource planning systems, computer-aided design applications, and communications tools -- has become indispensable to most architects, engineers, and manufacturing enterprises.
In addition to resources, tools and technical expertise, small to mid-size design, engineering and manufacturing companies today need their IT to be flexible, scalable, powerful, and ultimately a catalyst for process improvement, efficiency and growth. Above all their technology must be available and reliable.
Balancing these attributes—quality, cost, schedule, performance and reliability — can be a daunting challenge to small manufacturing and design firms. MicroLogic can help.
MicroLogic has years of experience supporting architects, engineering firms, and light manufacturing companies, and we understand the challenges you face from clients who are demanding more for less, with delivery in shorter timeframes, under increasingly stringent regulatory and environmental constraints.
It is reasonable for businesses to expect information technology to enable substantial improvements in the operation, organization, and effectiveness of information-intensive industries such as yours.
Our solutions and support processes are designed to facilitate:

•  Increased utilization of your capital assets and human resources
•  Better and more complete information about your network, applications and assets
•  More dependable and scalable networks and computing systems
•  Tools that support more efficient application changes and upgrades
•  Increased system security and trustworthiness
•  Continuous availability of on-line services
•  Faster response and resolution to systems outages
We are not here to sell you hardware and software or a one size fits all solution.
Our value add is the expertise we provide in IT strategy and planning and effective support processes for change management, problem management, project management, and security and risk management.

A partnership with MicroLogic begins with a discussion of your business mission and vision and a thorough understanding of your business environment, current operations and technology goals. We will provide a technical assessment and then jointly determine whether our goals and support model and processes are a good match for your business.
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