Does your current technology match your needs? Does your service provider really understand how nonprofits work?
Nonprofits use a variety of information technologies for administration and for the delivery of their programs and services. Most could do much more if they could overcome a lack of funds or expertise. Many are dependent on volunteers who work in the corporate world or commercial service providers who are more familiar with, and more comfortable recommending, expensive, complex solutions, typically their own hardware solutions or specific products they are familiar with, even if they are not what you need.
MicroLogic has the solutions, best practices, and the experience to help you overcome these hurdles to enable you to work more effectively and to focus on your core mission.
At MicroLogic, our philosophy is that Technology should support your mission and vision, not the other way around.
Your network infrastructure is the foundation of all your communications. You need sufficient capacity, performance, and reliability to ensure that your present and future needs are not limited, even though you funding sources usually are. We can help with strategic planning to maximize your investment dollars and to ensure the most efficient use of your assets.
Implementing your systems, Web sites and communications tools is just the beginning.
We will configure, stabilize, maintain and support you technology infrastructure so you have one less headache to worry about. Our monitoring and management tools allow us to track your assets, software, communications, problems, resolutions and technology costs. It also will help ensure that you're protecting against known vulnerabilities and the latest online threats such as malware, viruses, and spam.
Our custom solutions are designed to be flexible enough to support your environment, large or small. We can recommend and implement network design, data backup, recovery and archiving solutions, disaster recovery plans, web pages, internet security solutions.
Our approach starts with a technology assessment to provide a snapshot of your current computing environment; we can even give you a high-level perspective on your staff skills and training needs, true technology costs and technology budget benchmarks, vendor relationships, and technology policies and procedures.
The latest and greatest technology doesn't necessarily guarantee desired results.
We often expect fast results from technology. But behind every computer is a person, and behind every service is a process. For many organizations the success or failure of their IT initiatives is predicated on the selection of an appropriate technology vendor who understands their client’s business.
At MicroLogic, we make it our business to understand your business, and how well-designed, maintained and supported technology can help you achieve you organization’s goals.
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