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MicroLogic’s DataBack Automated Backup and Recovery Service
“Your Business Information is Your Lifeblood”

Like most businesses today, your computer data is vital to your everyday operations. In fact, information is often regarded as the lifeblood of today’s businesses. What would happen if you lost that data? Could you re-create it? Even if you could re-create it, how much time and money would this process take? What would it cost in lost business and lost opportunities? Would your business even survive?

You want an Experienced and Reliable IT PARTNER protecting your data

You can insure yourself against such loss and inconvenience with MicroLogic’s DataBack online. Our DataBack service is specifically designed to manage the process of data backup, storage and recovery.

Traditional methods of computer data backup such as Tapes, CDs and DVDs, ZIP drives and other media all have significant disadvantages. Backups are generally not automatic. Even more importantly, the owner or employee has to physically transfer the media containing the backups to an off-site location where it must be stored in a safe place.
According to American Data Recovery:
• Companies lose more than $12 billion a year from data loss
• 78% of this loss is due to system and hardware failure
• 11% is caused by human errors
• 60% of the businesses that lose data close within 6 months
Benefits of Online Data Backup
DataBack Online Backup is:
• Easy to install
• Automatic
• Off-site
• Scalable
DataBack allows easy data retrieval
Backup Your Critical Information such as:
✓ Customer and Employee Records
✓ Emails & Contact Information
✓ Financial Data and Business Critical Databases
✓ Important Documents
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